Monday, 4 July 2016

You might have been in school a merely a term or two, and you might be already in academic trouble; in fact, perhaps you have been put on academic probation.

To begin with, STOP the irresponsible behaviour! You might be in school to get an education, never to bash. There is nothing wrong with a few parties, but keep them in perspective. And just remember, every time you skip a course, you happen to be losing big bucks!

Acquaint yourself with your school's academic policies. Go get that school catalogue that you read everything you can find regarding academic warning, probation, suspension, etc. and should have gotten the first day you arrived on campus

Meet with your academic adviser, registrar, or guidance counselor to discuss your options. Practically every school/university has some sort of forgiveness policy. Find out what it's and utilize it to your own it now...don't wait!

Some faculties/universities permit the last grade made on a class you repeat to replace the first attempt. For instance, if you make an F in BIO 1100 General Biology the first term, take it again next period and make an A. Not only will the F mark not count against you anymore, but you will go from a 0.0 GPA in that course to a 4.0. Pretty good bang for the dollar. Recall, however, the F mark will still show in your academic transcription, but the hours attempted is not going to count against your GPA.

Some associations have insolvency policies which enable you to "eliminate" all the levels from in one term. You're not allowed to pick and choose which you want to eliminate and which levels you desire to keep. You lose credit for all the courses taken for the reason that particular term, if you pick a term for bankruptcy. Again, they'll still appear in your transcript. Normally, bankruptcy can just be implemented for one or two terms.

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